Adobe App Recommender

Helping top of funnel customers find the product that best suits their needs

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The Challenge

We identified a need from customers new to the Adobe creative suite that were having a hard time finding the right product or plan.

My Role:

  • Conduct user research & assess user testing feedback

  • Coordinate across multiple teams on project timeline and goals

  • Visual & Interaction design

  • Prototyping & designing user flows

  • “Pixel perfect” implementation of design

Project Goals

  • Capture top of funnel customers

  • Convert free trial users into subscribers

  • Minimize drop-off during check-out process

  • Create targeted content for users

Design Goals

  • Make answering questions an enjoyable experience and not a chore

  • Create a cohesive visual language from beginning of flow to final checkout

  • Have the app recommender feel intuitive and easy to understand through design queues

  • Encourage a free trial with primary CTAs

Wireframe Mockup

The Solution

Create a compelling multi-step questionnaire that helps steer new customers to a product or plan that suits their needs.

Project Learnings and Pain Points

  • Don’t fall in love with your first design

  • Make sure design components are scalable across devices

  • Balance when to fight for your design vision vs. understanding other project team constraints

  • Validate (or disprove) design choices through user feedback

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